Etherdieum- One Project; Multiple Benefits

  • JP Morgan- It started banking Coinbase and Gemini.
  • Visa and Mastercard offered services to crypto companies.
  • PayPal launched a new service, enabling users to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies.
  • Fidelity started a new Bitcoin index fund, which appears to be wall street’s play for high-dollar institutional crypto belts.
  • Tesla has purchased $1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.

Capital Appreciation

  • Backed by a basket of products, Etherdieum will generate revenue from multiple sources.
  • 50% of profits collected will be reinvested back into the platform.
  • This ensures that the Etherdieum Coin continuously accumulated value because the assets pledged against the coin boast of their own intrinsic value.

Price Stability

  • In the long-term, Etherdieum is focused on ensuring the stability of the coin’s value.
  • This will help make Etherdieum Coin a good store-of-value while also making it favorable for commercial and day-to-day transactions.


  • Given its decentralized and digital nature, it is easy for a user to access the Etherdieum platform without facing any geographic restrictions.
  • This proves beneficial for various reasons, including cross-border payments or transactions that require multiple conversions of currency.


  • The use of blockchain technology limits human interference in the system.
  • By executing transactions in a clear-cut fashion as well as storing records in an immutable and chronological manner.
  • This helps build trust in the system and gain wider acceptance.



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